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Geybullayeva, Rahilya / Orte, Peter (eds.):
Stereotypes in Literatures and Cultures International Reception Studies

Im Peter Lang Verlag ist erschienen:
Geybullayeva, Rahilya / Orte, Peter (eds.):
Stereotypes in Literatures and Cultures.
International Reception Studies

Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Bern, Bruxelles, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2010. XV, 300 pp.
ISBN 978-3-631-60448-9 hardback

Rahilya Geybullayeva is Professor and Head of the Department of Journalism and Azerbaijani Literature at Baku Slavic University.
She holds a Ph.D. from Moscow State University and served as Visiting Professor as Fulbright Scholar at the University of Wisconsin (USA) and as UNESCO scholar at SOAS, London.
Peter Orte is a Ph.D. student of Comparative Literature Department at the University of Wisconsin (USA).

Zum Inhalt:
Imaginative representations of different cultures are one of the major stumbling blocks to understanding, deepening the gap between people as they are passed from one text to another, especially in periods of historical transition.
These transfers are sometimes innocent, while at other times they serve political agendas.
The sample of images and estimations of others becomes a priority and, frequently for this reason, stereotypical.
This is the subject of investigation for the majority of the authors in this collection.
This book with articles presented here is an attempt to understand the core of confirmed or standardized social norms.
The book contains articles in English and in Russian language.

Aslan Mammadli: Circassians in Russian sources
Nino Kvirikadze: The phenomenon of German nation in Thomas Mann’s essay «Germany and the Germans»
Gönül Bakay: Turks or Jews?
Kun Jong Lee: Stereotypes of Korean Americans in African American popular culture
Izabella Horvath: Uygur scholar’s significant discovery: Ancient Uygur historian says Xiongnu are Turks
Irine Modebadze: «Own» and «Others» in contemporary Georgian prose
Naida Khaybullina/M. M. Khaybullina (in Russian language): Caucasus images and stereotypes in Russian prose of XIX century
Tatyana Megrelishvili (in Russian language): Russian-speaking literary Tbilisi as phenomenon of modern intercultural discourse
Guler Abdullabekova (in Russian language): The East in European literary monuments: Persian culture in Polish classic literature
Sudha Swarnakar: Rosie, the stereotype adulteress or a free woman: A Comparative analysis of R. K. Narayan’s novel The Guide and Vijay Anand’s film Guide
Aslan Mammadli: Kurban Said. Pro et contra: attempt of cultural – linguistic analysis of a fictional text – Rahilya Geybullayeva: About stereotypes without stereotypes?
Iraida Krotenko: Status and prospects of National Literary Studies in Literary Theory
Irma Ratiani: Carnival narrative, social imagology and the principles of comparative analyses
Inna Kalita (in Russian language): Ideas of Ian Mukarjovsky in context of the beginning of structuralism and crossing of the two centuries – Izabella Horvath: A lesson in historiography by a contemporary of the Xiungnu: Sima Qian and Chinese Historiography
Paul Dumont: Western exoticism in the accounts of Ottoman travellers in Europe
Didier Francfort: National stereotypes in French and Russian music: cross perceptions of foreign cultures in the building of national music (1800-1990)
Fatima Festic: Myths and memory at crossroads: stereotypes versus complex identities among the South Slavs and the rest
Eric Schmulévitch (in Russian language): Image of the French as described in the film from Stalin period «The Oath», 1946 by Michaels Chiaureli
Gül Mete Yuva: XIX esr türk ve fransiz edebiyatlarinda birbirlerine ait kliseler
Maka Elbakidze: Stereotypes of the identification of genre: The Knight in the Panther’s Skin
Alena Sarbasheva (in Russian language): Improvised character of lamentation songs in Karachay-Balkarian folklore
Alexander Bushev (in Russian language): Meta-Irony on the stereotypes in modern fiction
Fatima Uzdenova (in Russian language): North Caucasian poem: perspectives
Sevinj Baxish: The stereotypes of the patriarchal worldview and its overcoming in works of K. Jung and L. Irigaray
Nigiar Isgandarova: Gender problems in women‘ novels in the XYIII-XIX centuries
Elnara Garagyezova: Stereotypes of women in Azerbaijani literature
Maria Mikhaylova (in Russian language): Creative individuality and image of a writer: the history of G. Zapolskaya’s works in Russia / gender aspect
Anvar Galiyev (in Russian language): Myth about nomadism
Aleksey Olyanich (in Russian language): Lingvo-semiotic characteristics of Russian hunting
Jambul Akkaziev: In the Distant Confines: A narrative of colonial presence
Kenul Aslanova: Concept of national culture in literary works of Alibey Huseynzade
Alexander Skiperskikh (in Russian language): Sources of power in H. C. Andersen’s fairy tales: a political analysis.



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